Writers need room

I can – and do, write anywhere and everywhere. When I’m at home I write on the computer (not literally sitting on the computer, but using a computer of course!) it’s a desk top so i sit at my desk by the window from which I can look out across our back garden with the little cut-through beside it, to Westfield Close which leads on to the village High Street. I face east so in the morning the sunshine on the screen can be a problem – if I had curtains I could close them, but like my dad, I really don’t like shutting out the day – or night!

Writing alone is the writer’s lot; it means you can crack on without distraction, you can dedicate your writing time to writing… or you can be distracted by thoughts, by other things on the computer if you’re using one, by what’s outside the window, by an interesting or unread book on your shelf, by a strange moth on the wall, by almost anything…

Writing with others, however, can make you feel obliged to write. There they are, all scribbling away or pounding their keyboards, how can you just sit there not doing anything? As I’ve recounted here, I’ve been away on writing days, writing ‘holidays’, met friends here or in various places in town, and we’ve set to trying to further whatever our current project is.

Today I’m meeting friends at our local museum; there’s a covered courtyard, a café, plenty of inspiring objects and displays (as long as they’re not too distracting) room to write with plenty of light, and a conducive environment! Fingers crossed that I make progress, head down and write!!

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