Meeting yachties in the pub

It’s quite unusual for us to go to the pub on a Wednesday… what was the reason? I needed cash and our pub is magic… I hand over a bit of plastic, they give me a couple of pints of lovely Otter and however much money I ask for – as long as it’s less than £50!

Anyway, we wandered down, walking along the middle of the High Street as there is no traffic at this time of night, and “our” end of the pub was empty so we sat in the cross benches with our pints of Otter. Through in the other end were various people, including a couple of women trying different cocktails, some young blokes laughing and joking with each other, and various other folk, including our friend Terry.

I went to buy the drinks and the barman, Ewan tonight, whizzed past as he was serving someone else and called out he’d be back in a minute, and was it two Otters? Yes, indeed it was, and before I knew it there they were before me. I delivered them to our table and then went in search of beer mats which I knew would be on the fireplace round the corner… It’s like being at home… in many ways it is being at home.

We sat drinking, chatting to each other and a coupe we didn’t know dashed in. Were they still serving? They hadn’t missed last orders? What time did it close? Yes they were still serving,, no they hadn’t closed, tonight the pub closed at eleven. Furnished with pints they relaxed, and as it happens in pubs, we got into conversation with them. They were yachties and had their boat moored on the pill (inlet) They were hoping to sell it and had prospective clients who for some reason had parked on the beach. They had sailed the boat down to the wharf but then there had been a cross wind, and there had been a steering problem, and one thing and another… It was a long tale and |I didn’t quite follow it.

The young blokes and the women came round to our side of the bar – for some reason, the men had decided to try cocktails and for some other reason, maybe the name, they had bloody Marys… we laughed like anything at the expressions on their faces as they tried ‘tomato soup and vodka‘, as they described it!

We began to talk to the yachting folk about about beer, and different stories of different brews, and then somehow we moved on to Cornwall and slate caves.. I think they were slate caves, and a choir had sung in one, and it had been marvellous… and then it was time to drink up, last orders having been called. and we drank up, said farewell to our new friends, and set sail for home… typical night in the pub really!


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