I didn’t write yesterday

Shock! Horror! I didn’t do any writing yesterday! it wasn’t just that I didn’t write or post anything here, I didn’t write at all!! How did this happen? Should I be worried? Is all well with my writing muscles? What went wrong?

Well to be honest, I’m not sure… I’d been away for a couple of days in bath, seeing my favourite band, The Mavericks and had a wonderful time. Bath is only an hour away by train and we visit often, it’s a city we know well, but it was very different staying there as opposed to just dropping in for a few hours. We had wonderful accommodation (which gave us a free duck… only a rubber bath duck, but we liked it!) We met up with friends, we explored places we hadn’t been to before in the city, and of course tere was the gig… totally, unbelievably brilliant!

We arrived home Friday afternoon and we were actually quite tired from all the walking and excitement, so maybe it wasn’t unexpected that we slept in the next day. There was a lot of domestic  catching up; we’ve had a couple of weeks of not very nice weather so there laundry baskets full of washing and obviously hanging it out on the line, shopping, cake making for a party we were going to in the evening, we went for a walk as we’ve got into the habit over the last few days, and went rather further round the village than we meant to… dinner to cook, dinner to eat… getting ready for the party…

The party was wonderful and we met some lovely new people. We arrived home, not too late, but late enough… and then somehow I didn’t get going with my writing. I wrote nothing here and only managed ninety words of my latest novel:

there were more diaries, but a quick flip through seemed to show only entries about Fry’s Cambridge days, time in South Africa, and then the years leading up to the war… The diaries I had finished in 1914, on August on the third, with a few chilling words which sounded familiar. They rang bells with me but no bells I could precisely recall… I must look it up…
The lamps are going out all over Europe…
Was it something to do with the Great War? They were chilling enough for our own time…

I must make up for it today, but I must also continue my domestic catch-up!


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