Dirty deeds in Derbyshire

While we were away on the family holidays I picked up a book by a local author from the tourist information centre. It was set around the area we were staying, so not only was it an intriguing story, it was interesting to follow exactly where the events took place.. Derbyshire is a very varied and attractive county, but even among people from this country I don’t think it is particularly well-known.. One of the things I’m not very good at in my writing – or at least I have to work harder than other aspects of what i write – is describing place and location. Stephen Booth, who wrote the novel I read on holiday, and fortunately for me has written a whole series more, is very good at it – so not only did I learn about the places in the novel which I had visited, but other places I now wish to visit.

Booth writes police procedurals, my favourite type of reading – a good puzzle and mystery, and an unexpected but believable outcome – perfect!  The most recent of his books which I’ve read is ‘Fall Down Dead’ which is set on and around Kinder Scout, technically a mountain due to its height, in the Peak District…. this is what Wikipedia says:

Kinder Scout is a moorland plateau and National Nature Reserve in the Dark Peak of the Derbyshire Peak District in England. Part of the moor, at 636 metres (2,087 ft) above sea level, is the highest point in the Peak District, the highest point in Derbyshire, and the highest point in the East Midlands. In excellent weather conditions the city of Manchester and the Greater Manchester conurbation can be seen, as well as Winter Hill near Bolton, and the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales.

When I lived in Manchester we did often drop down into Derbyshire and its northern towns – and the investigation which takes place into the death on Kinder is all round places I know. I’ve only read a few of his books, but I guess they are set in different parts of the county – so even more reason to make a return visit some time!

Here are his books in order:

  • Black Dog                                          (2000)
  • Dancing with the Virgins (2001)
  • Blood on the Tongue                      (2002)
  • Blind to the Bones                           (2003)
  • One Last Breath                               (2004)
  • The Dead Place                                (2005)
  • Scared to Live                                   (2006)
  • Dying to Sin                                       (2007)
  • The Kill Call                                       (2009)
  • Lost River                                          (2010)
  • The Devil’s Edge                (2011)
  • Dead and Buried                              (2012)
  • Already Dead                                    (2013)
  • The Corpse Bridge                           (2014)
  • The Murder Road                            (2015)
  • Secrets of Death                              (2016)
  • Dead in the Dark                              (2017)
  • Fall Down Dead                                (2018)

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