I recently made two new friends from Belfast… and as we were in a pub together (the Abercrombie in Manchester) it made me remember this:

On a recent trip to Belfast we had accommodation right in the heart of the city; we dumped our things and hurried out to meet friends with whom we were rendezvousing in the Crown Liquor Saloon. We were so anxious to see them that we didn’t really pay attention to our surroundings. We had a great evening, progressing from the pub to a nearby Italian restaurant, and back to the pub before retiring to our respective hotels.

As we were reading in bed, we became aware of some lively music from somewhere nearby, which continued well into the small hours of the morning. It didn’t disturb us, in fact it was rather nice to hear the sound of people enjoying themselves! it was only the next day when we looked out of our window and saw where all the jollification had come from:


Apparently Fibber Magees in Blackstaff Square, is part of Robinsons, one of the longest running bars in the city; established in 1895 and originally called the Dublin and Armagh Hotel, it was one of many hotels serving the nearby railway station in Great Victoria Street. Now there are five  different venues in this single large Victorian building. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit, but we certainly will do next time!

There was an American radio comedy called Fibber Magee and Molly, running from 1935 until 1959 so I’m guessing the name came from that… but I may be wrong!


The pub which triggered these memories is interesting:

The Sir Ralph Abercromby, also known as the Abercrombie, is a pub between Jackson’s Row and Bootle Street, in Manchester, England, named after Lieutenant-General Sir Ralph Abercromby. Built in the 19th century, it is the only structure remaining in the area from the time of the Peterloo Massacre…

Thank you Wikipedia, more on this another time.

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