Summer writing

I have my Writing group this afternoon – the one I lead, not the ones I’m part of; it’s the last meeting before the summer break and although I think many will be too busy to write, I have got some suggestions for them in case they have the urge but lack the inspiration!

This our last meeting before our summer break, and no doubt we will all be very occupied over the next few months. However,  here are some suggestions about what we could write – if we have a spare moment or lack inspiration! Summer – summers of our own lives, or summer events which we enjoy. We could think about the past, and what summers meant to ourselves or others, for example:

  • a family celebration – a birthday, wedding or christening
  • a local event, such as a church or village fete, the fair or circus coming to town, sporting events etc.
  • summer holidays, day trips, weekends away, a week by the seaside maybe in a holiday camp, an old fashioned guest house, a small hotel…
  • camping
  • holiday work – farm work, picking fruit, harvesting, working in the tourist trade – selling ice-creams, hotel work, looking after the donkeys on the beach…
  • a story set in summer where the season plays a significant part
  • a poem celebrating summer and different aspects of the season

I wonder which one I will choose! Maybe work my way through the list… now, there’s a thought!

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