The end is just around the corner.

When I started writing my new Radwinter story, the title came quite quickly, Winterdyke, and I was pretty sure that with some hard work i would get the first draft finished early in 2019. I imagined that with a few months, three or four, it would be ready to publish and i would launch it into the world.

I don’t know what happened. I didn’t have writer’s block, I knew what had to be done, I knew which areas of the story needed research – nineteenth century agricultural machinery for example, Viking and Anglo-Saxon hoards, witchcraft and magic among the clergy… But somehow things went awry. Instead of plodding steadily and sometimes zooming through my word count, I plodded erratically and sometimes ground to a halt. I was writing other things, I was writing my blog, my mind was buzzing with ideas, but as soon as i sat down to write Winterdyke, my fingers became leaden and my mind weary.

About a month or six weeks ago, for no reason, the fog began to lift and I began to make progress again, slow, slower than I wanted, but steady, and I began to see a few sign posts along the way which said ‘To The End’ .

Last week, as I’ve mentioned, but not properly described, I was away with four chums on a writing retreat. A most wonderful, inspiring place with wonderful views across peaceful countryside, was our home for five days. The Lares (the house gods of Dyffryn, the place we were staying) were definitely of a literary and story-telly sort, because, suddenly as if by magic, words flowed from my fingertips. I had a few technical issues and had to write in other media, but it mattered not, I was writing, the story was unfolding towards its conclusion.

Now I’m home, and there are probably about two short chapters and tehn some sort of conclusion, and then i will sit down and crack on with editing. I seem to have little on the calendar in August, so maybe that will see the end of it all, and maybe its launch – about five months later than I’d hoped, but hurrah, it will be done…

… and then on to the next, finishing my 1950’s story…

My featured image is a Dyffryn lar

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