Another quiz night

Tuesday night is quiz night; my team has become a little fluid – son has moved, daughter works shifts, husband usually drums… last night husband wasn’t drumming so at about twenty past eight we strolled down to the Dolphin. There’s usually a seating pattern on quiz night, as you walk in the door Mike and chum sit chatting waiting for the first question, along the bar sit Taz and his two friends, one is Nick one is Tony and I’m not sure which s which, by the first table sits Tim and his wife and team, then it’s usually us with our friends the ice-creams, and newcomers to the team the magician and his wife. At the other end of the pub in what used to be called ‘the public’ are unknown teams – we hear them cheering – or groaning, we hear them shouting out they’ve won (yelling Dolphin!  is the way to do that) and then in the bar we call the cross benches (it’s a parliamentary term for people who sit between the government and the opposition) is usually Nigel and his chums along the bar, and various others who we only know by sight.

Last week Taz was displaced through to the cross-benches – disconcerting to not have him and his cheery crew to banter with. Last night Tim’s team table was taken over by others, a large crowd were eating dinner on the cross benches, and there was just room for husband and I to squeeze onto our usual table with a lot of people beside us talking in loud voices about the recent tennis at Wimbledon. It was quite disconcerting, and where would the ice-creams and the magician sit?

Fortunately the diners departed so we hurried through and commandeered their table, just in time for our chums to arrive. All was well. and the random questions which make up the quiz fell our way and we won the first round! Hurrah! It actually doesn’t matter if we don’t win, we enjoy scratching our heads and puzzling over the clues, we enjoy each other’s company, and that of the other quizzers, and we just enjoy being in the pub!

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