The Air Balloon

After a wonderful but very uphill walk today, we went to a nearby pub called the Air Balloon in the village of Birdlip in the Cotswolds. There were eight of us and we ordered a variety of dishes from the menu, chicken and avocado sandwiches, fish goujons sandwiches, fish and chips, chips, Welsh rarebit and I had a salad of chicken, bacon and avocado. The pub is about an hour away from where we live, but it’s certainly worth a visit to have another go at the menu!

There are conflicting stories about the origin of the name of the pub, certainly it was called the Balloon in 1796 and the Air Balloon six years later – but why? Maybe it was something to do with the scientist Edward Jenner who supposedly was lifted aloft by a balloon, or maybe it was  a man called William Powell who took of from Malmsbury and then disappeared… I’m not sure anyone knows for certain. Birdlip, where the pub is has an unusual name – unusual to us, but it probably just means high place where there are bids…

The meals we had sounded ordinary, but in reality they were far from it! ‘Sorry, sor, we don’t have any fish for your fish and chips… would you be ok with cod and chips?’  Thinks… surely cod is a fish? Yes, that would be lovely thank you…’  Cod and chips arrives and it is a mighty piece of fish, beautifully cooked and tasting delicious. The bread for the goujons sandwiches was sliced from a loaf, fresh and lovely, and the Welsh rarebit involved three pieces of bread, a filling of fried onions and other lovely things, and a cheese topped toast lid…

My lunch was delicious! First of all the chicken was really moist and not overcooked, the bacon wasn’t too fatty and the salad which contained avocado also had broccoli, different sorts of lettuce, green stuff, more green stuff, nice green stuff and a tasty and not overpowering dressing. There was crispy strips of bread to add texture and it was really really good – only a shame my photo doesn’t do it justice!


  1. andrewbeechroad

    Do you remember when we both washed up in the City. Fish and chips was just “fish”,which was a bit of surprise for me given that at home fish could mean a variety of diffrent ones …. and no saveloys!

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    1. Lois

      We didn’t often have fish – too expensive even then when it was probably a matter of pence, but chips and scraps, and my personal fatty favourite – scallops! Thick slices of potatoes, battered and fried! Think of the calories! Think of how old the fat was used to fry everything – and no doubt it was lard in those days!

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