Count von Zeppelin, giant pandas and New Amsterdam

I’ve been sharing the quiz I wrote for one of the two pubs we go to, The New Inn in Kewstoke. Here are the answer:

History and Geography

  1. Which German nobleman invented the Zeppelin? Count von Zeppelin
  2. Who was the first president of the USA?                 George Washington
  3. How many wives did Henry VIII have?                      6
  4. In which city was the Titanic built?  Belfast
  5. What was the name of Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife?  Josephine
  6. How many children did Queen Victoria have?         9
  7. What structure did the Romans build along the northern frontier of the Roman Empire in Britain?                                                      Hadrian’s wall
  8. In which century was the Battle of Sedgemoor fought at Weston Zoyland near Bridgwater?                                                                17th century – 1685
  9. Who reputedly burnt the cakes while hiding from the Danes near Athelney in the Somerset levels?                                                        Alfred
  10. True or false – Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his family lived in Weston-super-Mare in Swiss Villa.                                                                True
  11. What was the former name of New York?               New Amsterdam
  12. Which country was formerly called Ceylon?                        Sri Lanka
  13. Which city was the capital of Australia from 1901 to 1927?           Melbourne
  14. What is the capital of Turkey?                                  Ankara
  15. What is the national animal of China?                    Giant panda
  16. Which is the largest desert on earth?                                  Sahara
  17. On which continent can you find Sierra Leone?      Africa
  18. Through which capital city does the River Liffey river flow?           Dublin
  19. What is the third largest country in Europe after Russia and Ukraine?    France
  20. In which country is Krakow?                                      Poland



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