What a pong!

Now I have to say, if you’re of a delicate disposition, don’t read any further, because this is the unfinished tale of the great pong… not The Great Stink of the summer of 1858 when pollution in the Thames, exacerbated by the very hot summer caused a stench so great that at last action was taken and the great civil engineer Joseph Bazalgette was commissioned to sort the sewers, which he did magnificently. As an aside, he also had a hand in sorting the sewers of our own town, Weston-super-Mare!

The great pong was/is of a domestic nature. We noticed, that even when immaculately clean, our downstairs bathroom had a terrible odour. Nothing was apparently wrong, and there was no site from which it seemed to emanate, not the drain from the hand basin, nor the lavatory,  nor behind it, nor the pipes, and there was no way to trace its origin outside from the manholes or the outside pipes… we were baffled, so we called Steve the plumber.

Steve the plumber arrived and he checked all round and lifted the small domestic manhole and nothing seemed awry. He concluded it was not our system but must be from the main sewer system, therefore we should contact what used to be called the water board, and is now some fancy name including the word utilities no doubt.

We were amazed at the speedy arrival of Lloyd from Wessex Water, a keen an enthusiastic young man who had the manholes up in a trice. He detected a blockage between us and our neighbour. Because we live in such a flat and low-lying area, there is not really sufficient “fall” for waste water etc to properly travel onward to the treatment works. He got his rods and hoses out and put a camera down and he had a computer feed so we could see what the camera could see. I should mention it isn’t just a sewer from our property but of the road behind our house as well, so a lot of waste flowed down the rather narrow pipes.

Lloyd found a mini fat-berg – a rather disgusting solidified lump of fat which he disposed of. He went next door to our neighbour’s and had their manholes up and pumped and flushed the pipes beyond her property. He did a great job, was pleasant, polite, informative, efficient… a great young man and credit to the company. With a cheery wave he drove off in his van and all was well…

Later that evening, we had an unwelcome visitor… the great pong returned…

We are awaiting a return visit from Lloyd or one of his work-mates…

By the way, we didn’t have to pay for the services we received from the company – because he sewer serves several properties and runs between them it is the company’s responsibility.

The subject of my featured image had a beautiful perfume!


      1. crushedcaramel

        Hi Lois…
        I think I pressed send before I finished my comment earlier. I searched everywhere and eventually found a section of carpet that was damp and I think the smell is bacteria – it smells foul. I don’t know what they spilt but it smells nasty!

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