Four Days – a spiritual journey

I’m so excited to have been given a copy of a new book written by a friend of mine! I met Ann through my family history writing group and we have become great friends away from our monthly meetings. Ann is a wonderful writer, with a real gift for observation – seeing the larger picture as well as the tiny details. She uses language in a vivid and engaging way, and everyone enjoys and appreciates the pieces she shares in the group.

Before she joined us and became my friend, she had written a book but had become stuck on deciding which way to proceed with it. It was the true story of a journey, not  physical travel but a spiritual quest to find the answers to the sort of questions we all have about our lives and beliefs. The events in Ann’s book take place over four days… and that is the title of it. I’m delighted to announce, her book is published and available on Amazon! ‘Four Days: from darkness to light’  describes what Ann experienced as a young woman, wife and mother of two children, who also had the responsibility of caring for her own mother living with her family. Although the main events happen over half a week, the background story goes back to Ann’s childhood and early life, during the war, and after. This includes what I think can be described as a traumatising and terrifying encounter with ‘a tall man in a long black coat, and a black brimmed hat‘ who, it seems, was actually the pastor of a local chapel. Ann weaves the story of her own past into the events leading up to those four days which changed her forever. This is what the blurb says:

Four Days is an honest and engaging story of a young woman’s everyday experiences in the 1950’s and 60’s – an astonishing account of spiritual revelation. On the surface a happy normal person, Ann Bancroft tells us that from her teenage years she was racked by anxiety, guilt and a lack of self-esteem. Then, following a meeting with a rather special friend in her local community, she experienced a searing four days of spiritual awakening, emerging suddenly and dramatically from darkness to light.
     “The book was written from the heart.”
     “Uplifting and faith affirming…”

Although Ann is aiming her book at people of faith, it is also interesting for others who have not had this type of experience. I found it very engaging, and not just because I know Ann and she’s my friend. Here’s a link to ‘Four Days’:


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