A drift down to the pub

New pup means lots of walks and we’ve been so lucky that the weather has been kind and we’ve been able to get out several times every day. This evening for some reason we were a little late leaving, perhaps not realising that the nights are drawing in. It was a beautiful evening – the sun had gone but left a gorgeous sky of every shade of red and purple you could imagine.

We headed for the boatyard with the idea of walking along the pill (river feeding into an estuary – a local word) and then round the water meadow, back to the footpath and either onwards or back home depending on how we felt and how keen the dog was to walk. As we walked between the campsite and the pill we noticed in the darkening, a yacht coming in to berth taking advantage of high tide. We stopped to watch and it came in just by where we were.

The dog was a bit disconcerted by this and reluctant to progress so we wandered back, through the boatyard, and then over the road to walk along beside the rhyne (pronounced reen – a drainage ditch heading into the sea) This direction took us towards the pub… the dog is always eager to visit the pub, as are we of course!! However being only a pub he does get over excited and we wondered whether he would be calmer today.

We went in and there were two friends just finishing a meal so we sat with them to catch up on the gossip. Pup was quite good, for so long, but then became a little barky. He wasn’t too bad until the two pub dogs, Sim and Tim, passed on their way out for a walk. This excited him greatly and it became clear he wasn’t going to settle… so I swigged back my lovely pint of Otter, said adieu to our friends and headed for home with pup.

I’m sure as he gets older he will learn how to behave, in the meantime we’re prepared to curtail (joke) our visits when he’s with us… actually, when i say we in fact it was ‘I’ – husband stayed chatting to friends and no doubt entertaining another pint!

My featured image shows the rhyne

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