Busy in the pub tonight

We drifted down to the pub to meet our quizzing pals tonight; we knew the ice-creams were not going to be with us, and the magician and his wife haven’t been with us for a while, so we were looking forward to teaming up with our thespian chums. We walked in about the usual time, half an hour before kick-off and the pub was packed! Tim and his wife were in their usual places, and Tas & Co were at the bar on the stools, but every other table was taken. We wandered through the cross benches – full, Some of the people were there were teams we knew, Nigel and his crew, Graham and his gang, Manshu and his friend, so we went into the bar at the end – which in a former existence might have been called the public, and even there we were hard pressed to find a table.

We sat down with our beer and two of the thesps arrived… they did manage to find a table in the cross benches and we joined them, a little squished as we were waiting a third. The pub had a really nice buzz and the quiz kicked off with the first of twenty five questions, answers to be written on a 5 x 5 squared answer sheet. The questions were read out in order, but once all twenty-five had been written, then the carbon copies of the answers were collected in and we began to go through finding out whether we were right or wrong. It’s no just a question of getting the highest number of correct answers, if your answers are in a straight line, horizontal, vertical or diagonal, or the four corners, you bellow Dolphin and can win an extra prize!

To be honest it really isn’t about winning, it’s the fun of taking part, having a couple of drinks, making new friends. So altogether, despite not coming away with any winnings, we had a great night!

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