Spreading the word… actually, several words

It seems as if our writing group, the one I am in as opposed the ones I lead, are going to be able to give talks, workshops and have writing forums are various libraries in our area and a little further afield. We got together today and had a planning meeting, this meant being in a bookshop café, drinking read and coffee etc and eating mince pies and cake, catching up with news, gossiping – oh and having a think about what we could offer.

We’re just a group of writers, ordinary people with ordinary backgrounds and no friends or connections in places which could help us get our work into the world. One of us, by his own efforts has had books published by actual publishers, some of us have self-published our own books, all of us have had our work included in our group anthology, but most of us just love writing and do it as often and as well as we can.

So what could we offer to libraries? We drank our coffee/tea/ginger beer, ate our cakes, buttoned down our impulses to gossip and had a think. This is what we thought:

  • how to start a writing group/how to be in a writing group
  • how to write in particular and various genres (short or longer stories, poetry, drama)
  • readings from our books and the anthology, excerpts from plays, poetry
  • how to self-publish, and how to approach publishers
  • workshops on any/all of the above
  • meet and greet social type event where anything can be asked, discussed, shared – anything about writing!

We are excited at the opportunity to share our enthusiasm, and also to offer our books for sale! Watch this space for more on this

Here is a link to our various works:

our anthology ‘Driftwood’ by Writes in Stone

my books:

novel by Fenja Hill:

poetry by Macaque

how to write science in crime writing
http://Crime Writing: How to Write the science by Brian Price https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1842855379/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_pNR3Db7Z56N00 via @AmazonUK


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