Back down the Dolphin

It might seem from my posts that we go to the Dolphin every night – well, we don’t. Usually we go on Tuesdays for the quiz, Sunday to meet our friends the two T’s, and then sometimes Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, depending o whether we are doing anything else or going anywhere else. Maybe because it’s Christmas we went Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, and now tonight.

It was quiet; a couple of ladies sat in the bar we usually sit, and we would have sat by them, but we drifted through into what we call the cross benches, the bar between the two at either end. We wandered past teh old chap with his old and slightly senile dog, through to find a bar person – they were busy serving and sorting barrels etc and we were quite happy to stand watching them work. Before we got served we met up with a dear friend, Manchu, exchanged seasonal greetings and hugs and then stayed where we were, chatting at the intersection of the cross benches and what I guess might be called the public bar.

There was a group of young people, some of whom I knew,sitting beneath the TV showing some football game or another, and that was it… a post-Christmas lull. Another T, Terry, drifted in, ordered a drink then fed up with the noise from the TV, wandered off to chat with someone somewhere else. With more hugs Manchu departed and unusually for us, we sat at the bar and chatted to the friendly and handsome bar person.

The pub was open later than usual, but a couple of pints of Otter’s Christmas brew, Elf, were enough and we said farewell and wandered away and wandered home.

Good pub!


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