A transformation, but plus ça change…

I’ve written quite a few posts about the New Inn in Kewstoke, just north of Weston-super-Mare. We first went there maybe fifteen or so, maybe more years ago. Our children were quite young and we didn’t know anyone who could baby-sit, but once they began to have intersts and activities we were a little freer to do the odd thing of our own. When they coincided with their activities, girl to karate boy to sea cadets, we had a magic ninety minutes of our own time together.

Being pub people – it was beer that brought us together, we began to explore local pubs we could get to, have a pint, and get back to pick up the children. We found some very nice places, but one which was conveniently close was the New Inn in Kewstoke. At that time the landlady had a German or Austrian husband and he was usually behind the bar. It was quite a shabby place, the paintwork ancient, walls and ceilings tanned by nicotine before the smoking ban came in, and the time we went in, early evening, full of characters. Everyone was very friendly, and despite it being a bit tatty and scruffy, it was a pleasant and nice enough place to spend an hour before dashing off.

The children’s activities changed times, we had other things to do and we stopped visiting the new Inn but retained fond memories of it. So, when my husband’s shanty band started to rehearse there, it was great to discover that  there was a new landlord and landlady – and a very nice and friendly couple, and although somewhat refurbished the pub had retained its character. It seemed there was a quiz every other Sunday, so we started to go along and while husband sang, we quizzed. The other teams were very friendly and welcoming and we had  most enjoyable evenings.

As ever with bands and other groups, change happened, and for various reasons a new shanty band started, rehearsing in another pub. Meanwhile the New Inn was refurbished, with the same lovely couple in charge, and we decided to pay them a visit this evening. We were warmly welcomed and were amazed at the transformation… or not! We were amazed but the transformation had managed to keep the heart, soul and character of the pub but had spruced it up and changed the decor to a really classy maroon and dark green – these may sound dull colours, but the chosen shades weren’t and complimented each other. The floor had been redone, the pictures rearranged, new tables, and everything looked bright and new and yet at the same time homely (in the English sense) comfortable, and very pub-like. We had a very pleasant couple of hours and a very pleasant couple of pints!

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