What a silly day, bit of a pantomime actually!

A little while ago I was issued with a new bank card, but for some reason the contactless thingy didn’t work. I took it into the bank yesterday and they ordered me a new one to arrive in a few days.

I set off this morning to make an appointment and to buy some pantomime tickets for the next performance from the Bleadon Players, and post a parcel. I couldn’t make the appointment, the place was shut, so I went to the Post Office in Bleadon where the pantomime tickets were being sold. I parked and got out of the car and then realised… my card didn’t work and I had no cash.

I got back in the car and drove home and got my credit car, and drove back to the Post Office in Bleadon where the pantomime tickets were being sold. I parked and got out of the car and went in to buy the tickets, fingers crossed there were still some on sale as i was quite late in trying to get any for this very popular event.

Luckily I was able to get the tickets, but then the postmaster told me I couldn’t use contactless on his machine with a credit card (I’m sue I can) but also the money had to go to the talented Bleadon Players not the Post Office so into a different till. Also the total came to £32 and contactless limit is £30. Could I withdraw cash with my credit card – yes, but for some reason my card didn’t work, incorrect pin… grrrrr.

Never mind I would post my parcel… except the code I had to pay for postage wouldn’t scan… Maybe the code only had a certain time to be used and I would need to get another one – Christmas and New Year had intervened between me getting the code and getting to the Post Office.

Back in the car and back to home, and picked up the card for our joint account, left the parcel and back to the Post Office. The post master was very pleased to see me and had my tickets ready. I went straight to get some cash… but incorrect pin the machine said (again) As I had just checked my pin I didn’t think it was, but maybe I’d pressed the wrong numbers, I have dyslexic moments.

I would go home and see if anyone had any cash. As I got in the car I wondered if I went to an actual cash point whether my credit card or the joint account card would work.. Instead of driving home, I carried on through Bleadon village, over the hill and dropped down onto a road called Broadway where there was a mini-market with a cash point.

I parked and went to wait behind an elderly gentleman who was struggling with the cash point. He stepped back, said ‘good morning’ to me and raised his hat, and fingers crossed I went to try my credit card again to get some cash to buy the pantomime tickets. The elderly gentlemen called that he couldn’t get any money out because he couldn’t see all the numbers on the key pad… oh no… surely I wasn’t going to be thwarted again? However, when I looked, I saw that some of the numbers were faint through use, but I could make them out, and only the 0 had disappeared. I told the old chap this and then I inserted my card, keyed in my number… and bingo!! Money came out!!

Leaving the old gentleman to try again i got back in the car and drove back to the Post Office, noticing that as I drove in, the Post Master drove out… however, on entering the Post Office I saw the post mistress was securely behind the counter, oh you’re the lady who needs the tickets! the Post Master had left them waiting and at last, hurrah I was in possession of my four pantomime tickets! Huzzah!!


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