Being philosophical

This isn’t about philosophy – we had to do it as an extra subject when I was in the sixth form at school; the teacher was so dull, and I’m afraid we spent most of the lesson pretending we weren’t asleep as she droned on in the library. I seem to remember she just told us about it, we didn’t discuss anything which surely would have been much better…

I’m meaning the phrase in the sense of not getting cross or annoyed at something I can’t do anything about. I mentioned earlier this month that somehow my switched off attitude to writing has been reversed, I now feel switched on once again I am really, really pleased to say. So my main task has been to crack on with editing my next novel which is way, way overdue, and in fact the next one is already bubbling. Time is short at the moment for various reasons, but for the last eleven days I have been working really hard and making pleasing progress.

Making pleasing progress until… Suddenly for no reason at all, after two hours solid editing, the document closed for no reason. It should auto-save and it did but offered me three versions to accept – and I somehow chose the wrong one; I was hoping to save all three so I could check which i really wanted, but dammit, something went wrong.

I remained calm… what was the point of being annoyed? It wasn’t like Samuel Johnson whose unique dictionary went onto the fire. I do have the version edited up to yesterday morning, I can go back and edit it again (saving it manually every third word!) I was annoyed, I was a bit cross, but I had to remain philosophical.

It shows I am really back in the writing groove that this minor setback hasn’t completely thrown me! Watch this space for more updatres!

In the meantime, Radwinters I – VI :


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