Rather a lovely afternoon tea

To be honest, it was more like a lunchtime tea, although technically it was after noon. We decided to go to a wonderful café in Locking, a nearby village. My daughter and I have been before and have had their afternoon tea but this was the first time we took my husband.

We were fully prepared for the menu – two rounds of sandwiches with any of a variety of filling, including what er had – beef, horseradish and rocket, tuna, cucumber and mayonnaise, egg and cress mayonnaise, Brie and cranberry, two homemade  scones (today we had fruit scones) each with cream and jam, two slices of delicious homemade cake each – we had coffee and walnut, lemon, orange and apricot, and Victoria sponge, crisps, fabulous home-made coleslaw and a hot or cold drink – as it was after noon tea, we had a pot of tea.

It’s such a friendly nice place, not just the people whose café it is and do all the baking and cooking, but the other customers as well. When we arrived, the three of us there was only a small table for two which we were prepared to squash round, but another couple on a bigger table immediately jumped up to let us sit there and they went to the smaller one. With the generous portions of everything we really couldn’t finish but we were told when we ordered that any leftovers could be bagged up to take away with us!

This gem is the Parkside Café and here is their site:


Locking itself has an interesting history:


I didn’t take any photos of the magnificent spread or the lovely surroundings, so my featured image is not from today, but shows scones which I made.



  1. Dina

    Looks very tempting, Lois! I have never been to Locking, but at leat the name sounds familiar now, a place with an interesting story.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Cley next month. We are off to the Lake District for a winter holiday now.
    Hugs, Hanne x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lois

      Lovely tearoom, lovely tea, and a very small village with a big history!! Yes looking forward to February, have fun in the Lakes! (not literally in any lake, far too cold in January!)


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