Talking about Wiltshire in the pub tonight

We drifted down to the Dolphin a little earlier tonight, for no real reason except we were ready, warmly clad for the icy weather outside, and off we went. We walked in and in “our” bar, the first one you get to as you walk in through the door on the corner, there were two ladies, deep in conversation with a bottle  of wine on their table. This is quite unusual, people usually buy wine by the glass, as if thinking t themselves that they are only going to have a couple of glasses. They were talking quite loudly about problems one of them was having, and i wondered if maybe the other was a social worker and the one with difficulties a client. The reason I wondered that was their conversation was so personal that we had to make a real effort not to overhear, and to engage in conversation with each other – not tricky!!

The two ladies were sitting very near where we usually sit o a Sunday night when we meet the 2 T’s, so we sat right down the far end of the bar, near the newly installed pretend gas fire, the coat hooks and the toilets. We hadn’t been there long before the T’s arrived (a third T, Terry, had walked down with us ti the pub but was ensconced in the far end, the sports bar/public bar) Beer bought we caught up with each other’s news, family, pets, village gossip and then  settled down to our usual Sunday night rambling chat.

For some reason we got onto talking about Wiltshire, a large, very lovely county; I said large – but in actual fact it’s fourteenth in size of all the counties, Yorkshire, Devon and Lincolnshire being the largest, and Huntingdonshire, Middlesex and Rutland, in descending order the smallest. We have dear friends in Wiltshire and have often visited this county to Stonehenge, to Avebury, to Swindon,and most recently Devizes. The village of Seend was mentioned, which we had never even heard of , let alone visited. It’s very near Melksham. It must be very old, but it is not mentioned in Domesday, however the tenancy of the manor of Seend dates from 1190 when it was held by Wigan of Cherburgh. There doesn’t seem to be much of interest there apart for the church, but it does have three pubs, the Bell Inn towards the west of Seend village, the Barge Inn at Seend Cleeve, and the Three Magpies at Sells Green. Not sue we will be visiting, but it was something we chatted about – as well as where exactly was West Bromwich!

Such are Sunday nights at the Dolphin!

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