Our preferred way of getting somewhere

Here’s a lovely memory of a train journey a couple of years ago:

We were away for the weekend and travelled by train – our preferred way of getting somewhere. OK so it’s not so convenient when you then have to walk a way to your accommodation but just that whistling through the countryside, just relaxed and chatting, or not, reading or not, doing a crossword or not, waiting for the refreshment trolley to arrive…

Our journey set off well with a friendly couple opposite who nodded and smiled and were generally cheery. We made our connection and it was a bit of a muddle and ended up sitting not with each other but across the aisle, which was fine as we both had the aforementioned books and crosswords. Various people came and went as the train stopped at different stations. We stopped at Warminster and two young women plumped themselves down opposite me. They looked very excited, and I thought it was because they were going somewhere on a day out, but then I noticed they were wearing sports gear, so wondered if they’d been out running or cycling and were catching the train home.

Well, it was far more exciting than that! These two young women had just done a sky-dive! They were absolutely buzzing with it and I was an interested listener and they told me all about it. They were absolutely bubbling over with the thrill of the experience and they described it all from their disappointment when the previous booking had been cancelled because of the weather, and how they had wondered whether doing something so adventurous on Friday 13th was a good idea, and how it had been a birthday present…

As we got into conversation we began to talk about travelling and different adventures – they had been to so many exciting places, and done so many interesting things, and had had so many weird and funny things happen… The journey passed in a flash, and when they got off after saying goodbyes in such a friendly fashion, they waved to us as we chugged on along the rest of our journey.

Thank you Molly and Lillie for being such great travelling companions, even though it was only over a short distance. We really enjoyed your company, and good luck on your next adventure!

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