Simply… yum!

You may know that I was very lucky to win a most delicious prize – a whole wheel of Tintern cheese!! It’s a perfect blend of soft cheddar style cheese, shallots, onions and chives, and as well as just eating it as it is, it’s great in different recipes! So far I’ve mixed wit with the innards of leftover jacket potatoes and mayo, sweet chilli sauce and popped the result in the oven, plain toasted it, used it in cheese scones and cheese muffins, and added cubes to salad.

Today I roasted aubergine, spring onions, red and yellow peppers, courgettes and garlic in lots of olive oil. When they were still warm I stirred in small chunks of Tintern cheese, and it melted slightly and became creamy, gooey and very yummy. It was nice on its own, but would be more of a meal with rice or pasta – either on the side or mixed in. Later I’m going to have it with salad, but I may cut the vegetables up into smaller pieces, as I like to mix ingredients and just eat it with a fork!

This is the lovely company who gave me my prize:




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