A quiet cup of coffee with an old friend

A week ago my old friend Bob asked if I’d like to meet up for a coffee as we haven’t had a chance to catch up with each other for a while. We arranged to meet at The Coffee House, a brilliant indie coffee shop in Weston. As i got ready to go in to town this morning, my husband decided he’d like to come too as he also knows Bob. We were just getting into the car when a text came through from another old friend, Trish. We meet up regularly and she wondered if I was free; I explained that I was indeed going into town for coffee, was meeting an old chum, but she was very welcome to join us as I was sure she and Bob would get on like a house on fire.

We parked in town and wandered over to The Coffee House and there was Bob; we ordered our coffee and as we sat down Trish arrived and joined us. She and Bob had a lot in common with being interested in languages so we were all soon chatting away. They also had a lot of friends in common so there were lots of links.

“Hello, you two!” and there was another friend Judith, and husband Brian. They were on their way out but they stopped to chat and I realised they actually knew Trish from a similar occasion when I was with them having coffee and she had turned up. A brief catch-up and then they had to go to catch a bus. We had just settled back into our chat when yet another friend, John,  was passing and we called him over to say hello as we hadn’t seen him for ages. He used to be a pub regular but hadn’t been down for a while. We exchanged news and then he too had to go to meet his wife.

Coffee drunk, it was time for us to depart to, a Valentine’s lunch awaiting us. What a pleasant and unexpectedly busy morning for us!

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