Quiz night

Quiz night last night at the Dolphin, and for once all four of us were there, but not necessarily at the same time. Boy and i were there for the duration, husband was a band practice so only arrived when daughter left after the first round to pick him and drum-kit up, return him to the pub, and go home herself for an early-ish night as she had an early start.

When we arrived the rest of our team hadn’t, but our actor friends were there and we waved and said hello, Tas and his gang were there tonight with partners, so we got ourselves a drink and were just deciding where to sit wen our team, the ice-creams – so called because they have the best ice-cream parlour – arrived and we squished into the seats near the door, ready to quiz! There were other friends in the pub, Nige and his team, graham and his, and a whole bunch of people I’d never sen before but all were pleasant and friendly. Tim and his team weren’t in tonight, just as well s someone had sat in the places!

This is the thing about the quiz… it’s not just a quiz where you sit and answer question and the team with the most correct win, no it’s about meeting people and making friends. I’ve known Nige for a very long time – through both being regulars at the Dolphin, but everyone else we have only got to know and become friends because of the quiz. The ice-creams in particular have become good friends; they and husband go to the ukulele group, and also are founding fathers of the shanty band, as well as enjoying going to the theatre and out for meals! Thanks to the quiz we know the thesps (our acting chums) and so have been to their performances which we’ve enjoyed very much. Tas and his gang have come along to various gigs to support husband and the ice-creams.

Going to quizzes is great! You learn a lot, you realise how much yu already know, and you make friends!


  1. Klausbernd

    Dear Lois,
    we noticed too that such a quiz night is an opportunity getting to know people. We were at such a quiz night in a pub when visiting the Lake District. Actually, answering the questions was not the main thing it was about having fun together. By the way, we couldn’t answer most of the questions as most of them were about sports. But that didn’t matter.
    All the best
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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