And tonight in the pub…

We wandered down to the Dolphin, feeling thirsty but also wanting to be somewhere which felt like home and had great beer and usually pleasant company.

There were two people in our end, but others through in the cross benches and the public bar; it actual isn’t the traditional public bar, it’s just the end of the pub with the darts’ board, the TV and the juke box. There were a couple of friendly blokes, one who we knew by sight and was called Gary and another who greeted us as if he knew us but we din’t recognise so was probably the typical friendly bloke at the bar.

Furnished with a couple of pints of Otter we sat down and our conversation ranged over rugby – the Six Nations, the English team, teams we have supported in the past, great players, teams our children played for – and then we got into conversation with one of the lovely bar people who is a member of the local Hornets’ Ladies Rugby Team. There was no ladies’ rugby when I was a young woman, but even if there ha been I was hopeless at running so doubt I would have made it – but I would have cheered on my friends!

Left alone with our beer our conversation ranged over the Goons – Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers, Michael Bentine and Spike Milligan, the 1st and 2nd World Wars, bands we have seen/been in/followed, pubs and pubbing… oh and much more. There’s something about pubs which encourages much and varied conversation.

After a lovely couple of pints we wandered home – it was drizzling but we really didn’t mind!


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