Carrot cake update… a disappointment

There are some very fine carrot cakes available now, but today I think I took my quest to find the perfect one a little toot far. I actually knew I would be disappointed so I don’t know why I ordered a slice; I think the girl serving me was on her own and there was a queue behind me and i didn’t want to delay her – not that she seemed flustered or anything, but I guess i felt a little rushed… and what was worse I hadn’t noticed the plate of flapjack, and I have been thinking about flapjack for a while, ever since the last lot I made was such a crumbly disappointment… Anyway, that previous sentence with too many commas, dashes, dot dot dots, and a semi-colon went on too long. I ordered coffee, a slice of carrot cake for me and a scone and jam for husband and went back to our table with the loaded tray.

The coffee was quite nice, but the scone was very dense and dry and the carrot cake was really not that good. The cake had looked promising, lots of nuts and seeds which was unusual but looked tasty; however I should have thought to myself that the icing/frosting was far too thick, and that maybe the pretty carrot, orange and green, was also made of icing/frosting and not marzipan as I’d hoped. The cake might have looked nice but it was dry and tasteless, and the butter icing (more likely margarine icing) was solid and also tasteless. Altogether, it was not good.

However, and here is the really silly and ridiculous thing, and I grumbled silently to myself all the way home, I ate it, all except a small bit of icing. Why? Why oh why? Two reasons –

  1. I had paid for it, and I try not to be extravagant – leaving a slice of cake seemed extravagant
  2. I’ve been brought up not to waste food and to to eat what’s on my plate,

Yes I know, it’s silly but even after all this time since my childhood, I find it really difficult to waste anything – not just food. This is, no doubt, why our house is so full of stuff, because I hang onto things in case they become useful, or in case I ever need whatever it is…

Note to self, don’t be so ridiculous in future.



    1. Lois

      I do too -m my son has inherited my tendencies, he has even made soup from Kentucky fried chicken bones – I felt quite proud! My daughter on the other hand…


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