Eight years of blogging

Gosh, it is amazing that I’ve been writing here for eight whole years!! In so me ways it seems as if I’ve always done it, in other ways it’s gone in a flash! Thank you so much to all my nearly 2,000 followers, and hello again to all the ‘friends’ i follow and feel as if I’ve met over this time. I have written over eight and a half thousand posts, which is a jolly lot of writing, even allowing for the fact that I do occasionally repeat posts.

This is the first post I ever shared, on March 12th 2012:

Hello and welcome to my blog!
Today, the 12th of March 2012 is an exciting day because today is the day that my first novel, ‘Farholm’, is published on Kindle. It is not yet available, but within twelve hours it will be on Amazon.
Farholm Island is the destination for Deke Colefox, on a mission to find the truth about her husband Niko. Another passenger on the small ferry which takes her on the forty minute crossing to the island, is Dr Michael Cabus who is also in search of the truth about someone he describes as ‘a beloved stranger’. When Michael leaves the ferry so does a young island girl… who somehow disappears on the small island. What happens to Deke in the next two weeks is beyond anything she could have imagined… but you will have to read the book to find out what exactly does happen!
There is no such island as Farholm, it only exists in the book, and in other novels I have written. However, there are many hundreds if not thousands of off-shore islands which are similar, including Steep Holm and Flat Holm in the Bristol Channel and Grassholm off the Pembrokeshire coast. These islands are uninhabited for most of the year although visited by tourists and bird spotters in clement weather. An island I am particularly fond of is Rathlin Island off the north coast of County Antrim in Ireland. Farholm, my island, is inhabited by a small population of maybe a hundred people at the most, including a hippy commune who have taken over an abandoned village.
I hope you will be interested in my novel and I would appreciate any comments or feedback!

The first few posts were all about the new book I had written, ‘Farholm, but very early on I realised it would be rather boring to just hear me whittling on about this single book, so I began to write about other things. I started by writing about sausages, particularly Powter’s sausages from Newmarket. Then I wrote about rissoles, going back into my own food history to meals we had at home. Family stories, music – especially my all time favourite band the Mavericks, and then my writing world opened on so much more.

Since that first book which I published eight years ago, I’ve published seven books which I’d already written but needed editing, working on and in some cases re-writing, six Radwinter stories, one book about writing, three anthologies with other people… I feel as if I’ve been slacking over the past year, but maybe it’s not surprising, especially as I’ve been writing for two other writing groups as well!

So I think it’s Happy WordPressiversary to me!! And here’s to many more years of fun!


      1. Lois

        I haven’t ventured into vlogs yet, nor podcasts. And yes, I’ve met some wonderful people too, and the most unlikely ones. I feel very fortunate! Sorry I didn’t reply straight away, WordPress has been messing about with comments – has it been ok for you? I haven’t been able to access them except through a long-winded way and I missed some. I hope all is well now!

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