Green Goddess dressing… the first attempt

A coupe of weeks ago I wrote about Green Goddess dressing – the name appealed and when I found out the ingredients I thought it sounded rather yum. At last I’ve had a go at making it, herbs, garlic, anchovies, mayo, yoghurt… as with all ‘classic’ recipes there are a thousand variations, and in the end made it using what I had in the cupboard, so…

  • bunch of coriander
  • 3 anchovies in olive oil
  • i clove of garlic
  • i tbsp mayonnaise
  • 1 tbsp plain Greek yoghurt
  • i dsp sweet chilli sauce
  1. put everything in the blender and whizz until it’s smooth

Simples, as the meerkat says – however, as I’ve never had it before, I had no real idea what it should taste like, what the texture should be and whether I was adding enough or too much of the ingredients. I tasted it as I went along, hence the sweet chilli sauce which is in no recipe I have found – and the reason is I used a huge clove of garlic which overpowered everything and gave a bitterness. It was also rather runny as opposed to creamy as I had expected.

Next time: use twice as many herbs, use a very small clove of garlic, try it without the yoghurt, possibly add more anchovies or use anchovy paste, try a squirt of lemon juice but not to make it too runny and wet – creamy is the key.

It occurred to me that I had no salad to be dressed with, it’s too runny for a dip, and then someone suggested maybe it could be used (sparingly) to make garlic bread… well, there’s a thought! I will let you know the outcome!

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