So I made bread pudding

I mentioned that I was going to try making bread pudding; I’d never heard of it until I tried some my cousin made a couple of years ago for the family  holiday. I had somehow acquired a lot of stale bread and not wanting to throw it way and not all of my family liking bread and butter pudding, I decided to give it a try. It couldn’t be that difficult, stale bread, dried fruit, eggs and milk… my cousin couldn’t find her recipe which had belonged to her mum and written on the back of a brown envelope, so I found a recipe and here it is:

Bread pudding

  • 16 oz stale bread, broken up
  • 18 oz mixed dried fruit
  • mixed spice
  • 22 fl oz  milk
  • 2 large eggs beaten
  • 6 oz brown sugar
  • Squirt of lemon juice
  • 4 oz melted butter
  1. soak the bread in the milk until it goes mushy, you proabably need to stir it vigorously – my bread was very stale, so eventually I put the whole lot in the blender
  2. stir in all the other ingredients very well
  3. bake at 180º C, 360º F, gas mark 4, for an hour and a half

So was it a success – well I’m not sure, I think although edible it’s not to be counted as successful because even after 2 hours cooking, heat turned down after 90 mins, although crispy on the top, it was still very , very soggy. Is that how it’s supposed to be? My cousin’s was delicious and quite dense but not soggy. Mine is definitely on the sog side.

I’ve now looked up other recipes, ad apparently in more economical recipes, water is used instead of milk, and when it’s all absorbed, the mixture is squeezed to get rd of any excess. Perhaps I might try that next time… I wonder maybe it should be eaten as a pudding, hot with custard and not as a hearty traybake!

My picture shows the pud straight out of the oven, the cracks have vanished now, sogged in!


  1. debbiedrury

    My mum used suet in it, which was a bit heavy and cloying, but really good. She used water and left it overnight and yes squeezed out the excess water. I’ve had success using sunflower or vegetable (rapeseed) oil instead of suet or margarine. I think using the mixer will change the texture / break it down too much. Also it sounds like a lot of fruit which again could make it too soggy. It was intended as an economical sweet treat. Think about 1/4 fruit to bread. Plus a teaspoon or two of mixed spice. Good slightly warm from the oven and only had it with custard a day or two later when it was beginning to dry up a bit. Makes my mouth water thinking about it!


    1. Lois

      Thank you very much Debbie – yes, I think I made quite a few mistakes, so thanks very much for your advice! I think using the mixer was probably at the root of it as the liquid was absorbed and no way could I squeeze it out (even if I’d thought of it!) And yes, I was very generous with the fruit – again, lack of experience! Thanks for your advice, I’ll certainly have another go because soggy though it was it was very tasty!


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