What day is it?

Even when I was at work, and had the normal five day week and then the weekend, I used to get in a muddle. I’d prepare for the wrong classes, turn up at the wrong classroom, think I’d finished for the week on Thursday, got up to go to work on a Saturday… I’ve always been pretty hopeless. Yes, I know, calendars and timetables, diaries and lists, I’ve tried, looked at the wrong date on the calendar, lost the diary and the list, opened the wrong page of the diary or consulted the wrong list… hopeless. Somehow I muddled through. The thing was, I wasn’t lazy, I worked really hard, preparing lessons, marking work, keeping my classroom tidy… I just had a thing. I actually have a few things, left/right, push/pull, on/off, clock faces…

Since I gave up the day job it has been not quite as bad – although the book club occasionally rings me to see where I ma because I’m not sure what day we’re on (solved by a very kind friend picking me up) I read the wrong book, or the right book for the wrong month, I continually ask what day it is – luckily with the date on the computer and my phone things have eased. In fact my phone and its calendar have saved me from a few embarrassing lapses. I am scrupulous with the groups I teach and always make sure I’m prepared – and prepared on the right day! In fact the monthly meeting of my two groups I teach, and the other groups I’m a member of, peg me more securely into being in the right place at the right time!

Life is different now for all of us; everything has stopped, so it is in a way immaterial what day it is, or even what month it is. This April weather is more like July, the spring flowers were all early, and markers like the Easter holiday with the family dissolved. Somehow, though i want to cling on to the idea of a date, and a day, even though in some ways we have returned to a situation where time is measure by whether we’re hungry and should eat, whether we’re tired and should sleep, whether tasks and chores present themselves and need to be done, and we are free as we were as children, or in bygone times.

We were talking about this, and it occurred to us that there were markers to our days, and this is what we’ve come up with, starting on what used to be Sunday:

  • Sunday – Nopaperday – or Enpeeday: our newspaper isn’t published on this day
  • Monday – Afternopaperday – or Afenpeeday
  • Tuesday – Barizoonday – or Bazoomday: husband Bari Zooms with the gusy in his band
  • Wednesday – Afterbazoomday – or Afenbazoomday/Aybeeday
  • Thursday – Clapday/Mercuryclapday – or Clapday/Emclapday: the day the local newspaper The Mercury is published and the day we applaud those who work so tirelessly in the NHS, care profession, and all other essential workers
  • Friday – Aftclapday
  • Saturday – Weekenday

… just a thought…


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