Nothing I’d heard before

I was part of a popular challenge on Facebook to share ten albums which have had a significant influence on me, and today was number 2, n complete contrast to yesterday’s number 1 which was ‘La Creation du Monde’ by Darius Milhaud. This is the Beatles:

Here’s the second of the ten albums which have played (literally!) a part in my life; this challenge was from my friend Ros Cuthbert. Like many people my age, the Beatles were a huge influence, and I was tempted to share their first album; that probably influenced my future musical preferences, but the album I’m choosing to share here is Sergeant Pepper. I was given it as a leaving present from my class when I moved from Cambridge where I’d lived all my life, and where all my family was, to Weston-super-Mare, from the East to the West, and i took the LP with me, inscribed by my friends, and played it goodness knows how many hundreds, thousands of times. moving to Weston I met Ros so this album also in a way connects to her!

It was the  lyrics as well as the music, and the absolute strangeness of it to my sixteen year-old self when I first heard it. It was like nothing I’d heard before, ever but it became so familiar to me that I’m sure at one point I could have recognised any song by just a couple of notes or a few words! As a writer it had a massive influence on me, on imagery, vocabulary, rhythm and rhyme and above all narrative!


  1. David Lewis

    Sgt. Pepper was unlike anything that went before and came out when I was experimenting with hashish and LSD so Lucy in the Sky rang with me. I came thru that phase unscathed but still have good friends on Mars and Venus. My fave song of all is A song for You by Leon Russel because it reminds me of my deceased brother who turned me on to it When I try to sing it at Karaoke I can never finish it because of the tears.

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    1. Lois

      You’re right about Sergeant Pepper – I was a young innocent so i just took Lucy as a weird dream song!! An all time fave song… gosh… that’s a tough one, I will think about it. It’s tough when a favourite song has sad associations, but I guess good that it’s commemorating someone you love. x


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