All the time

Here is my next album share, and it may come as no surprise!

Sometimes, quite by chance, your path crosses with an artist and they have a huge impact on your life. In this case I’m talking about Jonas Carping, a Swedish singer-songwriter whose words and music have had a great resonance for me. I came across Jonas on WordPress, and I can’t actually remember where I found him and the band he plays in, The Glade.

My first impression was that he had an extraordinary voice, powerful and unusual…but which connected with me. His music took some careful listening to – it isn’t the sort of music which immediately connects, but that is because it is so original and different and daring. I think his lyrics were the first which connected with me; Jonas is Swedish and yet most of his songs, and in fact all of his songs on his album are in English. His imagery is so vivid and so wild, impressive and unforgettable. His melodies really do take some listening too… they are not instantly memorable… but they are so rewarding if you take the time and trouble to listen to them, and then listen to them again. When I am driving in particular I have them on constantly – and the more I listen the more I hear!

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