Writing in the past

With one of my writing groups, way back in the time before, whoever hosted the get-together chose the next topic we would write about. Now we are still sharing our writing, even if we’re not sharing tea and biscuits and we just take it in turns to suggest something to write about for next time. This time it’s me and it took me a while to decide; I’m not very keen on one word titles all the time, although I have enjoyed writing about what’s been suggested in the past. I prefer writing fiction so anything based on fact or opinion is a real struggle and I’m never totally happy with the outcome.  I mean, of course, the outcome of what I write, my fellow writers always rise wonderfully to the challenge.

After much pondering (I do a lot of that) I had a suggestion:

Write a fictional story set in the past – but within your own lifetime. Put in as many details as possible from your own memories which bring the time alive, clothes, meals, furniture, shops, way of life etc. Any subject, but a “historic” setting!

I hope people will enjoy this – it’s very open to any type of story, and I hope they understand it’s not to be a memoir but to be an actual short fiction. Mow I must think about what I shall write; I am tempted to write something set in the early 70’s; I haven’t thought about characters yet, or location, or plot, but it will be interesting to try and recall what people wore, what music they listened to, films they saw, transport they used. It’s always tempting to have a version of myself in my stories, but I am going to try and stretch myself and have a completely different character!

I will share what I write, when I’ve written it!

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