Goram and Vincent

People who’ve never been to Cambridge probably only think of it as the University, with its well known buildings such as Kings College Chapel, the River Cam – the bit which goes through the city beneath the many college bridges, not the rest of the river, and posh people. Honestly, Cambridge folk, the ordinary people born and brought up there are not posh, or at least, no more posh than anyone brought up anywhere else. When I mention that like Rome, Cambridge has seven hills people just don’t believe me!!

  1. Castle Hill
  2. Honey Hill
  3. Lime Kiln Hill
  4. Market Hill
  5. Peas Hill
  6. Pound Hill
  7. Senate House Hill

Outside the town is the famous range of hills the Gog Magog Hills, or the Gogs as we normally know them. Gog and Magog were mentioned in the Bible, but Gog and Magog who have the hills named after them were two giants -r maybe there was only one, Gogmagog, no-one is really quite sure.

It seems a strange coincidence, that now living in the south-west, our nearest big city, Bristol, is also on seven hills – although when I try to find which they are, it seems there are actually fourteen hills… So I’m not sure on that one. However I am sure that Bristol also has two giants – Goram and Vincent. As you can imagine there are all sorts of differnt stories about the pair, but most have at the core a rivalry between two brothers, both in love with a goddess of the River Avon, Avona. The name Avon comes from the ancient language of Britain, and just means river. Avona told the brothers that whoever drained a nearby lake would win her hand and her heart. They set to digging channels to drain the lake, but either Goram didn’t work hard and quickly enough, or else he stopped for a beer, or two, or maybe more, and fell asleep, but Vincent finished his task, drained the lake and one fair Avona’s love.

Of course, there are many versions and extra parts to the story, and geographical features named after the giants. I think it’s a rather nice coincidence that I now live near a city with seven hills and two giant brothers, or brother giants, as i did when I was a child. I wonder if Manchester, where I lived longest in my life has seven hills and two giants?

My featured image is of two different Bristol giants

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