Best books

I’ve been mentioning for a little while now how lucky I’ve been with the books I”ve been reading over the last few months. Some I have been rereading and really enjoying, some are completely new – either new from a favourite author or totally knew written by someone previously known. There are also a few books I have started and will finish but have just been superseded by something else!

These are my re-reads, and I’m pretty sure I’ll read them again!

  • Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stephenson
  • The Return of the Native – Thomas Hardy
  • The Secret History – Donna Tartt,
  • Apple Tree Lean Down – Mary E. Pearce,

These are new books, some by “old” authors, some by “new”:

  • Ben Aaronovtich – False Value,
  • Down Among the Dead – Damien Boyd,
  • The Secret Pilgrim – John le Carré

These are by authors I’ve never read before but will definitely read some more:

  • All Rivers Run Free – Natasha Carthew
  • Beast – Chris Speck,
  • Starve Acre – Andrew Michael Hurley,
  • A Kind of Vanishing – Lesley Thomson,

…and finally, books I have not yet finished:

  • A man With One of Those Faces – Caimh McDonnell,
  • Blue Mountain -Meir Shalev,
  • The Taiga Syndrome – Cristina Rivera Garza


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