Pubbing tonight!

Tonight we’re drifting down to the pub at about ten to nine, a little earlier than usual – but in many ways much, much later than usual! of course there has been no pubbing since the 21st March… and we all know why and I’m not going to dwell on it.

Going to the pub isn’t about going to get a drink, let alone get drunk, because of course we could have a drink at home, and actually we did enjoy the odd pint… or two. Going to the pub is socialising, is meeting old friends, making new friends, catching up with the village news. Going to the pub is sitting and catching up on our own thoughts and ideas and plans, because even in quiet times we’re both busy, me writing, him drawing/painting/musicing and sometimes we forget to tell each other things. Going to the pub is reminiscing about past times and planning new times.

Going to the pub is like going to or other home, and having been confined to our own home we’re looking forward to getting out, masked and with our sanitising gel in our pockets, we’ll head down the road. We’ve and to book our time, and book our places and there’s a one way system, in the back door and out of the front, no drifting about, no going to any bar to be served, just the one. It will be different that’s for sure, but still, we don’t mind, we’re pubbing tonight!


    1. Lois

      So lucky that our pub organised a booking system and designated seats. They’d reorganised inside so it was a one-way system and had screens between the seating. It was nice to be back, and see so many people we knew – through the glass panels of course!!

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