The next project

I’ve been challenged to write about my current writing project. I’m in the really final final stages of my next novel, but I don’t want to say too much as I’ve mentioned being nearly finished before and then had to revise my timetable (#writer’sblock 😀)

One project which I have been mulling over for a while, technically not a current project but something I’m working towards, is looking back over the notes I made for my writing classes, and pulling them together into a small handbook. I’ve been running writing classes for about eight or nine years now, and have had plenty of ideas of what to do and what to write, and had some great responses from my different groups. However, over the last couple of years I’ve worked more systematically so the lessons followed a pattern, although each was discrete and separate. I would introduce a topic, offer some suggestions of how it could be approached, give some different ideas in case people were really stuck, and then a single line, short sentence optional title/headline to write to. I would emphasise that it wasn’t homework, it wasn’t for an exam where what was written had to perfectly relate to the topic, it was a stimulus to write!

A couple of years ago, when we went to Tasmania, I scheduled blogs for while I was away in case it wasn’t possible for me to be able to keep up to date with my blogging. On the other blog I share with three fellow writers I also scheduled a blog a day so it didn’t fall on them to keep our site going. Here I gave a brief suggestion for a writing topic, under the heading ‘New Year, new idea!’. It worked so well, that later in the same year, when we had returned from our adventure, I scheduled another month’s worth of writing topics, this time called ‘Spring forward!’ I had an idea that I could pull these together into a booklet; I’ve mentioned a book that some writing friends and I have with writing challenges which I’ve found very useful, so maybe my book would be similarly  helpful to others. So in fact I have two projects, although they’r along the same lines as each other – so maybe book 1 and book 2!

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