A short but eventful walk round the village

It was only going to be a short walk round the village with the dog (he may very well write his own dog blog about it later) and short it was but very eventful. The dog is only fifteen months old and still quite nervous about some things – skate boards, bikes, other dogs – especially small ones, people silently running past us from behind, all of which I understand. We are all, including him, working hard to get over this, but we’re inexperienced dog owners and he is very lively and bouncy (and barky)

We set off from home yesterday evening for a quick trot round the village which only takes 30-40 minutes, depending on how many interesting smells there are. The dog was very calm, and trotted happily along beside me even when some bikes and runners went past, he only looked alert.  I praised him and all was well. So it continued until suddenly from nowhere, a group of about eight young men on motorised skateboards zoomed towards us. He really jumped, and so did I but we managed to stay sort of calm even when two came along the pavement. To be fair, they did jump off their boards and apologise, but dog was very unsettled.

As we were about to proceed I noticed three rather large people coming up behind us on the narrow pavement, so we went to cross the road but it seemed it was suddenly rush hour with cars and bikes. Road crossed we rounded the corner to continue our circuit of the village. Just ahead of us  a man was getting out of his car with two small dogs, not on leads, no doubt intending to take them to the little village park.

Even the road was narrow there, with a wall the the village manor on one side, parked cars on the other. I crossed over to avoid the dogs – if they had been on a lead all would have been well. Rush hour continued as we stood against the wall unable to walk on, cars, bikes and a double-decker bus rushed by. The dog, remarkably remained calm-ish. Man and dogs gone, we crossed back to the pavement and then ahead of us saw a neighbour and his dog leaving the park. To be fair, it’s our dog who doesn’t like his for some reason and by this time I was feeling as if our walk should be postponed and resumed later.

We turned back and all was sort of well, bikes, people, the usual, but dog remained calm. A police car shot past us, and I wondered if someone had complained about the skateboarders. We went round the bend and parked outside a big white house was the police car, and another,; the officers were going down the drive and round the side of the house. Intriguing! On the opposite side of the road, a family was standing, watching what was going on, and at first I thought they were just curious passers-by but then I wondered if they were the family from the big house! I may never know.

W crossed back over (this was a walk of zigzags) and as we passed a big solid wooden gate it sounded like a hound of the Baskervilles was trying to bite his way through it, snarling, barking, growling, and of course our dog nearly jumped out of its skin and began barking back at the invisible aggressor very ferociously.

It really was time to go home and have a cup of tea and a dog biscuit.

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