Keeping a diary through photos

I’ve tried keeping a diary so many times, and it’s never really worked; either what I wrote was too enigmatic, or too pretentious (particularly when young – but no doubt that’s part of being young!) or just plain boring. I think the problem was i couldn’t find a voice – I mentioned keeping a diary here before, and someone very kindly remarked that a lot of what I write here serves as a diary. True!

I was looking back through the photos on my phone, which is another good record o what, where and when, with an implied comment though what I choose to take a photo of. So where was I at this time over teh last few years?

2019 – July 13th I was in Weston, but I was also in Bristol, although there’s only images of a dramatic sky so I don’t know what I was up to. July 15th daughter and I went for an evening walk round Marine Lake in Weston, and along the prom.
2018 – July 14th, no doubt having another walk as there’s a sunset seaview.
2017 – I think I was in Lyme Regis, but although there are lovely pictures it isn’t titled, so who knows!

That’s the last of the photos on this phone! I have no idea where the photos on my previous phone are – maybe there weren’t many, maybe they are lost, who knows!

My featured image is from July 2016, the Underfall Yard, Bristol

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