In exile

I feel as if I have been in exile – there’s been a glitch which is now sorted thanks to the WordPress happiness engineers. I don’t what went wrong but I haven’t been able to post anything over the last three days. It was so frustrating because writing here has become such a habit and so much part of my writing day, i feel quite out of kilter if I can’t!

I started blogging about eight years ago; it was something I’d never done before and to begin with it was intended only as a way to promote my books, and to share something about me as a writer. It wasn’t very long before it became much more than that, but in the beginning as I’d had no experience about blogging I hadn’t much of a clue what I was doing. I didn’t use tags or images, apart from the covers of my books, but gradually I learned and gradually I found my voice.

When I’m teaching about writing, I’ve always emphasised the importance of the writer’s voice which is not necessarily the characters voices! I didn’t realise that which I guess i should have done. Maybe some bloggers and writers assume a voice which may not be their real selves, but I think I write as me, and i try to be honest in the way i write and what I write. When I have tried to adopt a certain style it seems very artificial – and when I read it back to myself sometimes I’m even quite embarrassed!!

Writing here really is a part of my life, and i felt quite miserable when things went wrong over the last few days. However, all is well now, and i can get back to my daily jottings!


    1. Lois

      Thank you! It was so frustrating because I was missing my friends more than my writing! I love to be in touch with people, and I was worried they might think I’d stopped for some other reason! Hope all’s well with you and your wife. We’ve been attacking the garden over teh last couple of days so feeling quite pleased with ourselves! xx


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