Lovely neighbours.

We’re very fortunate to have lovely neighbours. We live at the bottom of a cul-de sac, so we have neighbours on either side of us and neighbours diagonally opposite on both sides. This made it very easy to have a socially distanced VE Day celebration, each family sitting on the ends of their drive with their own refreshments. We also have neighbours at the bottom of our garden, and with the lovely weather they have been spending a lot of time in their own front and back gardens. We can’t see them but we can hear them.

Our neighbours at the bottom have a small grandchild who visits almost every day with his parents; another son is also married and he too is regularly at home with his wife. The two brothers, their wives and other family members have been enjoying this lovely summer and play badminton, and I can hear them laughing and calling out to each other as they play.

The family often sits in their secluded front garden – like us they are at a bottom of a cul-de-sac, but they are opposite the village hall, and only have one other neighbour, apart from us. They have been sitting out in the front garden in the evening, chatting, sharing jokes, laughing, having a wonderful time. The mother is a most amazing cook – how do I know? Because the delicious and mouth-watering smells drift across into our garden, and as we walk past their house the aroma of yumminess floats over their hedge.

They’ve been living in their house ever since we’ve been here, so although we don’t know them very well, we always stop and have a chat as we pass. When their younger sons were at home,  being keen cricketers, they would practice at along their drive; quite often we’d have a knock at the door and one or other of them would politely ask if we could throw back their lost ball. I’ve mentioned that our garden has deteriorated somewhat and in more recent times we’ve opened the gate for them to search for the lost ball. They weren’t always successful, and since we’ve been attacking our wilderness we’ve found quite a few of their lost balls. The second son is an excellent cricketer, and a star of one of our two village teams; however he told us yesterday that all matches have been cancelled for this year. His younger brother was also a rising star in the team, and I guess in due course the little one will follow suit.

I have my window open now, and i can hear conversations going on, and laughter; how pleasant it is and how lucky we are!

My featured image is of one of the village boats, planted up to look lovely!

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