Going to the dentist

I’m lucky in that I’ve never had any fear of going to the dentist. I’m also lucky that I have strong teeth and although over the years they have needed attention and fillings, and one broke, for the most part I’ve had no problems. I’m old enough that when I first had teeth to brush the toothpaste came in small round tins and we scrubbed our brushes in it to load them. I think my children would be disgusted at the idea now, particularly sharing a tin of toothpaste and not having one each.

Eucryl tooth powder was produced by the company of Thew Arnott in the 1940’s; the company dates back to 1864 when “Alfred Thomas Thew established his dry-salting business, dealing in a range of chemical products including glues, varnishes, dyes, and colourings.” Here’s a link to the Thew Arnott page on their history:


I’m sure Eucryl was advertised as a scientific dentifrice, but but can’t find any trace of it! Maybe we didn’t have Eucryl, maybe we had some other brand, I just remember it being slightly gritty – because of course it had granules of something to scour teeth!

Not only did we have our own family dentist, Mr Betts, but there was also a school dentist – who may have also been Mr Betts. I can’t remember how often he came to visit but all the children in the school had to visit him and he was a very kindly and nice man. If some of the children had to have a tooth out, his lady assistant would make them a little doll out of a cotton wool plug with a little bandage wrapped round them like a shawl and a face drawn on them. I never got one because I never had a tooth taken out.

When we moved from Cambridge we must have had a dentist because my parents were always very particular about our teeth, but I can’t remember who t was. When I moved to Manchester my dentist was Mr Crystal who took very good care of my teeth, and when I moved to Oldham, I still visited him and he was the children’s first dentist too. Of course at the moment there are no ordinary visits to the dentist for a check-up, but I daresay all will return to some sort of normal and then I will make an appointment. In the meantime I’ll use my electric toothbrush and toothpaste from a tube morning and night!

Does my featured image look like giant’s teeth?




  1. himalayanbuddhistart

    Indeed, the first thing that came to my mind were giant teeth!
    I remember Eucryl tooth powder for smokers back in the 1980s, when I lived in Hampshire. Like all whitening toothpastes it probably contained bicarbonate of soda, effective but not too gentle for the enamel. Apparently it still exists although not ‘for smokers’ (https://www.eucryl.co.uk/dental_advice/ ).
    My first dentist was Mr Bourreau, which translates as ‘executioner’!!!
    Take care

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    1. Lois

      How wonderful – Mr Bourreau!!! Gosh what a name. I forgot about the smokers’ toothpaste, it seems unbelievable now! Yes all well here, I hope the same for you!


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