you’re a writer, right?

The other day we went to the pub; that didn’t used to be so unusual, now it is much less of a casual drift down the road and saunter in and buy a round and sit and enjoy it. Now there is a guided path in, and only one entrance, a one way system and one way out. The bar is screened and there is a place to order drinks, a place to pay for them and no standing, only sitting once you’ve been served. The staff also wait on – as they used to in pubs in Manchester when I first went there a very long time ago. The tables now have spaces between the and screens, so once you’re seated you are separated from your neighbours.

Despite these sensible precautions (I forgot to mention the sanitiser at regular intervals, tables cleaned and wiped between each customer) it is still a joy to be in the pub – not for the beer, we can drink beer at home; it’s the other people, the friends we’ve made there, the feeling of being part of the pub family.

My evening was made perfect by one of the bar staff saying ‘Lois, you’re a writer, right?’ I was delighted to answer that yes, yes I am! I love our pub!


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