Back Under the Boardwalk

Someone in my writing group mentioned ‘Under the Boardwalk’ – the version she likes is by Bette Midler, but for me there is only one version and that’s by the Drifters. Here’s something I wrote about it a couple of years ago while i was doing the National Writing Month Challenge:

I’ve been writing this as part of my NaNoWriMo challenge; my character, Milla is using my memories as hers – maybe I’ll change it later, but for the time, this is what Milla – and I – remember from the summer at the end of our first year at Uni::

So in that wonderful summer, they had sat their exams and had received their results while they were still in college – maybe they were expected to be working on their dissertation or something, she couldn’t quite remember, only that unbelievable amazement and then pure joy that she had for once in her life come top in something, come first!

However… before the results were published, on the day of their final exam, the gang of her friends had come back to the room she shared with her house-mate, the lovely room which had been wrecked and the deposit lost, they had come back with bottles of wine for an impromptu afternoon party.

Suddenly they realised that it was raining and they had run out into the quiet road, bottles in hand, and danced barefoot  on the steaming tarmac. It seemed they had been drunk, not on wine, but on joy, exuberance, the wonderfulness of life. They were young, they were leaving their childhood behind, they were free, they had finished their exams they could do no more until next year!

They had galumphed about shouting, singing – maybe the window of their room was open and the music of the Drifters was pouring out from the record player.

Not images but still brings back so many memories…

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