Nearing the end of the marathon

At long last I am nearing the end of the marathon which has been my next book, ‘ I did the read through without stopping except to make notes of mistakes and errors, and now I’m using those notes to go through it for nearly the last time. There will be another couple of last times no doubt!

My main character is Thomas Radwinter, and he is quite eccentric in a mild way, but I realise that his eccentricities, although sometimes contributing to the plot – such as having a left/right confusion and ending up in unexpected places, might sometimes become irritating to the reader. He had rather a disastrous childhood with a loving but chaotic mother, and then an unfortunate marriage to a very controlling and unkind woman, and now liberated from that his loving, generous and enthusiastic character is released. The trouble with that is his over exuberance might become an annoyance and a distraction from the plot.

I have gone through, and thanks to ‘find and replace’ I have removed a lot of bumbling, chuntering, wittering, waffling and changed a lot of ‘good griefs!’ to other mild exclamations. He never uses one word when five would do (now who does that remind me of… oh yes, me!) and he overthinks things and becomes repetitive. I too have become repetitive, so examples of words I’ve deleted or changed – expressions, mention, quite, almost, weird, sinister, reptile… and many more! Thomas is staying with a very rich family and every night there is a four course meal so it has been fun to plan the menus, but I’ve been looking at what the characters have been eating, and found there are repeats of dishes, which i don’t think there would be with the type of family there are. So tenderloin of pork is out, as are œufs en cocotte, and there are way too many mushrooms – in fact they should be off the menu altogether as there was a suspected case of fungi poisoning!

It is a tedious chore, editing, but it really is worth it – and especially as I self-publish and don’t have anyone but my husband as proof-reader! He’s excellent at grammar, punctuation, and things not making sense – through missed out words or careless writing. However, he isn’t a great novel reader so there are aspects which he acknowledges he’s not as hot on, so it is down to me to do my absolute best… and appreciate readers who message me when they spot a typo!

If you haven’t read the other books in the series, here is a link:





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