My mum’s christening spoon (ii)

I know who my godparents are although sadly they are now all deceased; my mum’s sister, my mum’s best friend and her husband. I was always very close to my godparents and think I was very fortunate as many people lose contact after their childhood. In our kitchen drawer we have a rather fancy silver spoon, the back of the bowl decorated as well as the handle on which my mother’s initials P.M.M. are inscribed.My mum was born in 1925 and at that time her family were in lodgings in Winchester, maybe from about 1922/3 to 1927-ish. My grandfather changed jobs fairy frequently, he was a very gifted man but there was something about his personality which made their lives difficult. He adored his children but was very Victorian in his ways.

As far as I know the family have no other connection with the beautiful city; however, somehow my grandfather managed to arrange for mum to be Christened in Winchester Cathedral. One of her gifts from a god-parent (name unknown) was a silver spoon with her initials engraved on the handle. As well as Mum’s initials, the year was inscribed – she was born in November 1925 but the spoon was dated 1926 so that was obvious when she was Christened. I know she was Christened in Winchester Cathedral where the family were living at the time. However, Mum’s family were quite ordinary so  firstly how on earth did they gt her to be baptised in such a prestigious place, and who was her god-parent who bought her the fancy silver spoon and had it inscribed?

I decided to investigate, and wrote to the Cathedral ; they must get queries like this all the time and they were most kind and helpful. I said I wasn’t sure of the actual christening date but I guessed it would be the first coupe of months of 1926. I had no other information such as their address or parish, or godparents, nothing of any help. The researcher wrote back and said they couldn’t find her; I suggested maybe the spoon was given later so maybe try November- December. They wrote back again…no joy, and would like them to look through the rest of 19326. I wrote back saying it looked like I’d been wrong all these years, just as mum had been – she maybe wasn’t christened there, it was just a family story. This sweep produced nothing and I thanked them again for all their efforts.

That was that, except it wasn’t! I suddenly got a message from the researcher to say they had found her! The diligent researcher had actually gone back to the parish records on film and trawled through, and although mum’s name hadn’t been transcribed into the current records for some reason, there it was! The story was true! It gave the family address at the time, so my next journey, and the next part of the story, is to find out more about where they were living. It seems it’s now a very exclusive residence and one estate agent puts an estimated value as the top end of a six figure number!

Maybe my mum’s spoon will have a part (iii) to tell!


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