Another review – Beast by Chris Speck

Yesterday I did what I should have done ages ago, ages and ages ago, review books which I’ve really enjoyed – and I guess for balance those I haven’t enjoyed so much. I really appreciate it when someone writes a review of something I’ve published – hint, hint, please review my books!  Yesterday I shared a review I wrote on Amazon for A North Sea Tale by Chris Speck. This time it’s Chris’s other book which I recently read, and have chosen it for our book club to read, Beast:

It’s hard to know where to begin with this review; Beast is the moving story of a young man, Tony’s bereavement and how he copes as an orphan, living at home and trying to stay one step ahead of social services – however it is much more than that. It’s a coming of age book, it’s a gripping read of goodies and baddies, it’s a contemporary novel set in Hull, there are villains and heroes, there’s mystery and magic, the past infiltrating into the present, fantasy and absolute realism, and of course the beast! A brilliant book that’s difficult to pigeon-hole. It is above all an absolutely gripping read and I stayed up way beyond bedtime unable to put it down. Target audience – almost anyone! PS also great writing!

Here’s a link to my Amazon page and my books, I’d be thrilled if you reviewed those you’ve read! By the way at long long last, Winterdyke should be out next week!

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