The waiting game… waiting for Winterdyke

I feel as if I’m patiently playing the waiting game… waiting for the proof copy of my next book, Winterdyke to arrive, dropping onto the doormat. I will be exceptionally pleased to see it as it has been such a long time in getting to this stage. I’ve charted here my difficulties since I first started writing it in 2018, so I don’t need to go over them again. Suffice it to say, I am really ready to move on to the next project or projects!

My next task is to finish a book I started writing two years ago about Mike Scott a reporter on a small town newspaper, set in the 1950’s. That was also started two years ago in 2018, obviously a good writing year, followed by a slump last year! I don’t want to start on Mike Scott until Winterdyke is actually published – which i hope will be next week but when I do attack it again I want to press on and get it completed and edited and published because, like Winterdyke it has been hanging around in my head too long.

I have several other stories which need finishing – I mentioned the different-from-my-usual-subject story I had started, a romance… will that go anywhere? I like the characters but it needs a bit more than just a love story so it will need some pondering! I really ought to finish my story of Gus who has been wandering mound the local salt marshes and wandering around my head for too long, then there is the more than half-written story of Frederico Milan. A story I started last year about mistaken identity is also a possibility, plus my children’s story about the Lighthouse. And then of course, more Radwinters!

Be on the lookout for news of Winterdyke, it should be out in the world quite soon! meanwhile, here’s a link to my published stories:

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