Miss Smith and Miss Prendergast

A couple of days ago I mentioned a recipe I had found for cherry marmalade and wondered about whether marmalade actually should be made with any fruit other than oranges. https://debbidipity.wordpress.com/ mentioned that of course mermelada is Spanish for jam, as is die marmelade in German! I tracked the recipe from my Women’s Institute Unusual Preserves book, back to ‘Good Things in England, written by Florence White and first published in 1932. It’s still available and this is what Amazon says: 

“Good Things in England” is a collection of 853 regional recipes dating back to the C14th. First published in 1932, it was written by Florence White, the country’s first ever freelance food journalist, and, like all classic culinary works, it is a pleasure to read… Derek Cooper wrote about ‘a remarkable woman called Florence White…who believed that “we had the finest cookery in the world but it has been nearly lost by neglect.’

Florence White was born in 1863 in Peckham and was a food writer who founded the English Folk Cookery Association in 1928. She published several cookery books and other work on domestic affairs. She died in 1940 in Fareham at the age of seventy-seven. She commented that the cherry recipe was sent to her by Miss Prendergast of Eastbourne. I can’t at the moment find out any more about either Florence White, except her middle name began with an L, nor Miss Prendergast of Eastboune, who probably sent her the recipe in the 1920s. I shall keep searching for more information on both these ladies, although not overly hopeful of finding any! 

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